I've only been working for Rutledge for under a month, but I can tell something's wrong. Despite my Betazoid abilities, which I never used unless absolutely necessary, I cannot tell what is the matter with our resident Admiral. He refuses to see Dr. Saunders for a check up, and claims that he is doing just fine. But I'm hoping that he'll open up to me, and can sense it. He wants to confide in some one, and right now it appears that I am the only one available.
  Jack made a joke about me being the ship's counselor... maybe he's right. Maybe I can be the one to listen to people's problems, the shoulder to cry on, and so on. It would definitely give me something to do, other than assist Lieutenant Gomez in engineering on the Jump Drive. Out of all the equipment on board that is the only piece that I am really familiar with. My science background allow me to help out, and with Beltram out, they need my help more than ever.
- Janice Pelar

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