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    Bugs! That's what they are! Nothing but bugs! Yet, somehow, someway, they have beaten us. Beaten us, badly. 
    Commander Keller rushed to sickbay with Lt. Pelar, worried, no doubt, about his lover; they believe that they have been discreet about their affair, but everyone knows. It is hard not to notice the way they look at each other.
    The ship is badly damaged from the attack. As of this entry, I have instructed Hakim and Hutch to search for a safe harbor... anywhere that can provide us with a protected area where we can ascertain the extent of the damage and effect repairs.
    As always, I expect everything and nothing but surprises aboard this technological advanced ship that has found itself alone in this strange and hostile place.
    - Lt. Colonel James Morgan
  I've only been working for Rutledge for under a month, but I can tell something's wrong. Despite my Betazoid abilities, which I never used unless absolutely necessary, I cannot tell what is the matter with our resident Admiral. He refuses to see Dr. Saunders for a check up, and claims that he is doing just fine. But I'm hoping that he'll open up to me, and can sense it. He wants to confide in some one, and right now it appears that I am the only one available.
  Jack made a joke about me being the ship's counselor... maybe he's right. Maybe I can be the one to listen to people's problems, the shoulder to cry on, and so on. It would definitely give me something to do, other than assist Lieutenant Gomez in engineering on the Jump Drive. Out of all the equipment on board that is the only piece that I am really familiar with. My science background allow me to help out, and with Beltram out, they need my help more than ever.
- Janice Pelar



I don't feel too good. I think I have a fever. I'm going to see the doc, and see if she'll give me something for it.

Jack is back!


After I find out our situation and checked on the crew's health, I found out that Jack was named commanding officer by Admiral Rutledge. He should do fine, it's what he always want... granted not under the circumstances, but I know I'll sleep better with him in command.
Got to go... Hutch's just arrive, he's calming to have a fever. We'll see.
-Dr. Kelly Saunders



We're lost. According to Hakim, the ship's systems were unable to handle taking a jump at only one stage completion of the charge cycle. Adding to the fact that we had the Breen firing upon us, I have little doubt that we are in trouble.
Admiral Rutledge says that I'm in command now. I'm not sure that is such a good idea. But he is the admiral. Janny told me that we could make it through this if we worked together. I think I like the sound of that. Ever since we broke it off I've still silently been pinning for her all this time. And of course she knows it. Her betazoid instincts serve her well.
Kel informed me that the majority of the crew’s in good health and that only Hutch seems to worrying about catching a could, but she told me not to worry, he’s a bit of a hypochondriac.
So despite my wanting it, it appears that I am in command.
My first order of duty is obvious.
I need a first officer.
-Commander Jack Keller